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Better the Breed vs. Breeding at the Expense of the Breed

There comes a time when an American Bully breeder has to say “enough is enough” when it comes to trying to stack pedigrees. All too often, people looking for puppies, and even people who are just checking out the current trends in the Bully world, are seeing 10x this dog or 15x that dog in the first five or six . Sure, it is good to have foundation dogs in your litter’s pedigree; however, continuing to stack the same dog or dogs in the pedigree can lead to some health problems.

BSL in Marianna, AR

BSL proposed in Marianna, AR. Meeting is July 10, 2012.

It is All About the Image of the American Bully

This post is probably going to cause some controversy, but it deals with an issue that does need attention. If it offends you, I am sorry, but it has to be said because it is affecting the way the world views the American Bully world.

It is All About the Image

The American Bully is a family breed. This is a breed that is wonderful around children and adults alike. Many Bullies live in homes with other animals. This is the image that RESPONSIBLE Bully owners want to show the world. American Bully shows are places where families should be able to go (even those who only want to learn about the Bully world) to interact with Bullies and Bully owners. While it is possible for families with children to do this at some shows, there is often a problem.

McDonalds Pit Bull Ad Was Discriminatory

McDonald’s has a lot of very upset pit bull owners to deal with. An ad that ran today included the following statement "You know what's risky? Petting a stray pit bull." Seriously, McDonald’s? That is just pure and simple discrimination against a breed that was once considered this country’s “nanny dog.”

A Facebook page was started to encourage American Bully owners to boycott McDonald’s. While some American Bully owners may decide not to participate in the boycott, those who are truly loyal to the breed will participate. It is time to stand up to this type of sorry discrimination. Our beloved breed has enough trouble with misconceptions without McDonald’s adding this type of information.

Exactly how does McDonald’s plan to benefit from this ad? They have managed to alienate an international community that is very passionate about their beloved breed. Can you imagine how much the bottom line would be affected if EVERY American Bully owner boycotted this chain for a month? How about for a full year?

Paper Hanging Can Destroy the American Bully

Paper hanging is a very sad occurrence in the American Bully world. A quick trip to some of the American Bully forums and Facebook groups confirms just how big of a problem paper hanging is. Just in case you don’t know what paper hanging is, continue reading and you will find out exactly why paper hanging can easily become the downfall of the American Bully.

What is Paper Hanging?

Paper hanging is an unethical and deceptive practice in which a breeder claims that a dog was the sire or dam of a litter when that really isn’t the case. There are a couple of different versions of paper hanging, so let’s explore them both.

Backyard Breeders are Ruining the American Bully

In the last post, I wrote about distinguishing American Bully breeders who just want to make a profit from those who want to better our beloved breed. Building off of that post, I am going to discuss ‘backyard breeders’ and the havoc they are wreaking on the hard-working and reputable American Bully breeder.

Those Crazy Ads

Everyone here has probably come across ads for backyard breedings. You know the ones I am talking about. Ads with titles like ‘Gottiline Pit Bulls $500’ on some questionable websites or in the newspaper. As you start to investigate further, you see that the dog has worthless papers, or in some cases, no papers. And yet, the breeder claims that the dogs have a stellar pedigree that will ‘be a great addition to any yard.’ Huh? A paper-less dog or a dog with a write-in pedigree is a great addition to my yard? I don’t think so.